Modular Commercial Construction – Why It’s Your Best Option

Modular building construction offers many benefits to any commercial building project. Whether you’re constructing a school, a bank, office buildings or retail centers, modular construction is the way to go. Modular commercial construction has all the advantages of a site-built project, but without any of the disadvantages.

Concurrent Construction

The actual construction of your building will be done in the most efficient way possible. At the same time that your foundation is being laid down, work can be done on your flooring, walls, ceilings, rafters, and roofs. On a traditional site-built project, work must be done in a specific order. Floors cannot be constructed before the foundation is laid, walls cannot be constructed until the floors are installed, and so on. Modular commercial construction allows work to be done on various parts of the building at the same time, cutting the final construction time sometimes by half.

Modular Commercial Construction - Why It's Your Best Option

Cost Efficient

Modular construction projects are the most cost efficient building projects for a variety of reasons. The first being that labor costs go way down. Since the modules are being built in a factory, there will be fewer subcontractors to manage, meaning less supervision is required.

Modular construction companies buy their materials in bulk and save them in a secure environment that will keep them in perfect condition. As with any product, buying in bulk is less expensive. Modular commercial construction prevents material waste as much as possible, with excess materials stored for the next build.

Weather is not an issue for modular commercial construction. All the modules are constructed in a factory, away from any weather hazards that could delay the process. No more construction delays because of a terrible thunderstorm or a massive blizzard. Also, keeping materials inside in a safe environment eliminates the risk of them being damaged by rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. Damage to materials can lead to additional costs and time spent on your project.

Modular Commercial Construction Assures Quality and Efficiency

Modular Commercial Construction - Why It's Your Best Option

Modular commercial construction offers the highest quality building process you can find. With inspections being done throughout the entire project by a 3rd party, you can rest easy knowing that the finished project will be of the highest quality.

Statewide Custom Modular Homes has commercial construction experience in all sectors including banks, educational facilities, medical facilities, multi-family dwellings, office buildings, and retail facilities. With five generations of industry experience, we have established ourselves as the leader in custom modular construction for the entire state of New Jersey. Take a look at our commercial portfolio to view our past experience or contact us today for a free survey.

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