Quality Control

Quality Control: Superior quality in modular construction is first ensured by the manufacturer’s compliance with national, state, and local building codes. To verify this compliance, each building plan is inspected by a state-approved third party inspection agency, which certifies that the house will meet the most stringent state construction standards. Stick built plans rarely receive this much expert review.

Once construction begins, modular homes are subjected to far more inspections than stick built homes. At each stage – from framing to finishing – there are quality control stations set up to monitor the quality of the workmanship. A full-time, seasoned quality control inspector travels from station to station with extensive checklists of performance standards. In addition, a specially trained inspector form the state-approved third party inspection agency inspects every home as it moves down the line. The additional costs incurred by this system are more than compensated for by the reduction in service work in the field.

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