Modular Home Designs – Reconsider the Possibilities

Too often when considering building a new home, the potential homeowners are quick to eliminate a modular home from their options. For years, modular homes have gotten a bad rap, and in some cases, it may have been deserved. Modern modular home designs have come a long way in recent years.

A Little Bit of History

The first home to even resemble the concept of modular home design dates back to 1908. This was the year the Sears Roebucks and Company introduced kit homes. These kit homes were sold through their famous mail order catalog.

The homes were purchased completely unassembled and were the first to have a complete inventory of building material delivered to the homeowner. All 30,000 pieces and a 75-page instruction manual would arrive by train.

In 1913, Henry Ford introduced a completely unrelated invention. His assembly line concept for his automotive plant revolutionized the manufacturing industry.

In the 1950’s the concepts developed by Sears and Ford were combined and the idea of a modular home began to take shape. It was post World War II and there was a huge demand for new houses. In order to meet this demand, factory built homes were produced.

These early homes were the equivalent of today’s HUD-code homes or mobile homes but were modular homes. Then, in 1958, a home manufacturer produced a house that met the applicable building codes and the industry of modular home building was established.

Modular Home Designs - Reconsider the Possibilities

From the late fifties on, the industry worked hard to set itself apart from the HUD-code or mobile home manufacturers. Through the 1970’s, modular homes remained simple one or two story homes composed of either two or four modules.

While they were well built, aesthetically, they were nothing to get excited about. Thanks to the advent of computers and Computer Assisted Design programs, also known as CAD programs, modular home building has moved beyond the typical rectangular, box-shaped house with two doors and some windows.

Today’s Modular Home Designs

Modern modular home designs have come a long way in recent years. With early modular homes, you could drive down the street and easily be able to pick out the modular build. Next to traditional stick built homes, modular homes stuck out like a sore thumb. But this is no longer the case.

Today potential homeowners need to put the option of a modular home back on the list. They are well built, energy efficient, constructed quickly and affordable. Best of all, modular home designs offer endless possibilities.

There is no longer any reason to feel that you will end up living in a box with no charm or character if you choose a modular built home. Modular home designs are beautiful, customizable and abundant. Today, you can drive down a street with both traditional stick built homes and modern modular home without being able to tell them apart.

Modular home builders do typically have a collection of stock or pre-existing styles and floor plans. From these, you can see what you like and what you don’t. Pre-existing plans can be changed or modified to create your new home or many modular home builders will also create your own unique, custom floor plan from scratch.

Modular Home Designs - Reconsider the Possibilities

In addition to the floor plan, modular home designs can be personalized using custom windows, doors, flooring and fixture choices. There are so many different ways you can make your modular home uniquely yours. Consulting with a professional and exploring all the possible modular home designs available is the best place to start planning your new home.

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